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Prospective customers normally have some questions regarding the ECOSAN toilet system. Here are some of the questions and the answers to them :
Since there is no water to rinse the bowl how do you prevent "sticking"? Due to the design and the non-stick surface of the chute, the human waste falls directly into the processing drum and into the area where the air is extracted. As with any other toilet system, periodic cleaning of the bowl is recommended.
How is the odour contained so that the cabinet is not a stink hole.? The system is designed so that all odours are extracted through the bowl, processing drum and then out via the extractor pipe and fans / turbine.
Two air ventilation systems are available, a wind turbine or a 240/115 Volt A.C. fan.
How is the urine handled? The system was designed to handle normal amounts of urine. In fact it assists with the removal of odours due to the additional ventilation it causes because of evaporation.
Asians are not comfortable with toilet paper and use water for cleaning up. Will this affect the evaporation? A little bit of water in the system will not cause it to malfunction. It will help in the ventilation / evapouration process.
Does the system use a septic tank? Because the whole process is a dry process there is no need for a septic tank. Temporary storage takes place inside the processing drum until the waste is dropped into the removal bag.
Is the system patented? Yes, there are local and International patents registered.
Does the system need any maintenance or special treatment? No special maintenance of the toilet system is required. As with all other toilets it is recommended that the bowl is cleaned regularly with a soft brush and some soap or toilet cleaner.
How many people can use a toilet? The toilet was designed for use by a family of 8 people
Do I need special chemicals to clean the bowl? No, a bit of liquid soap or disinfectant and water is enough.
Asian countries have different type toilets. A modified version of the ECOSAN toilet is available at the same cost.
Can I set up a factory in my own country? Yes, see our page called "Your own Factory"