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Teniqua Treetops chalet picture

Romantic African holiday picture

Teniqua Treetops

The owners of Teniqua treetops, Viv and Robyn Patz, were in some predicament recently when they wanted to expand their chalets. Due to environmental regulations they could not install septic tanks. They found a solution to their problem by installing Ecosan toilets which are environment friendly and do not contaminate underground water resources.



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This page is dedicated to our environmentally concious clients who are using Ecosan toilets. It will be updated regularly with rather unique installations.


Teniqua Treetops welcomes you to our exclusive, luxury forest getaway. Our self-catering tree houses offer a unique opportunity to sleep, eat and shower up in the canopy of the forest, surrounded by birdsong and butterflies.
Built on handcrafted platforms and situated in carefully chosen beauty spots, they have comfortable tented bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens and leafy luxury bathrooms with flush toilets and hot water.
The ultimate romantic holiday or family fun in the sun, come and enjoy.

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Teniqua Treetops logo
It may be difficult to notice, but at the top righthand side of this picture you will notice a small structure sticking out between the trees. This is one of the chalets at Teniqua Treetops that is built on poles to maximise the view.
Teniqua Treetops spectacular view
A closer view.
Teniqua Treetops holiday chalet

This picture shows one of the Ecosan toilets just before it was installed in the bathroom of one of the holiday chalets.



Teniqua Treetops web site

Ecosan toilet picture