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Ecosan water free toilet key Features

Low odour levels
Chemical free
Composting toilet or Chemical toilet alternative
Easy installation
No Septic tank required
Does not contaminate underground water resources
Environment friendly
Organic sanitation

What is a waterless toilet system?

It is a dry sanitation system that does not require any water to function. Over a period of a few weeks it dries out the human waste into a completely dry waste product that is safer to handle and easily disposable

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Pit Toilets

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ecosan waterless toilet system

Ecosan dry sanitation toilet system South Africa


Welcome to the ECOSAN waterless toilet system web site. Here you will find more information on the following :

  • Current Worldwide sanitation problems
  • Ecosan Toilet solutions
  • More information about this waterless toilet also sometimes referred to as a dry toilet.
  • Technical information including a diagram of a typical in-home toilet installation.
  • Main features of the toilet
  • A frequently asked questions page
  • Our range of Ecosan outdoor pit latrines.
  • Information on starting your own ECOSAN toilet factory
  • Our contact information
  • A Gallery with pictures of some of our environmentally concious clients

Worldwide Sanitation Problems

  • Many countries are chronically short of water, which makes the use of water bourne sanitation an unrealistic option.
  • The capital cost required for water bourne sanitation is prohibitive in most of the cases.
  • It has conclusively been proven that nitrate loaded effluent from pit latrines is directly responsible for widespread contamination of valuable groundwater resources.
  • The regular operating and maintenance costs of sanitation systems such as bucket latrines, septic tanks, chemical and waterbourne toilets are very high.

The ECOSAN Waterless Toilet Solution

  • Affordable water free toilet system
  • Completely closed system
  • No sewage pipe network and sewage treatment plants required
  • No effluent seepage into underground water resources.
  • No obnoxious odours
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Minimum monthly operating costs
  • Plumbing-free solution

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Looking for environmentally sensitive options for your life?  Here you will find answers to your questions, covering topics on the most effective composting toilets, chemical-free water treatment systems, solar water heaters, air purifiers, non-toxic products, and other things you can do immediately to minimize your footprint on the earth. - READ MORE ...........
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Ecosan Australia

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Ecosan Mine toilet

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EcoSan toilet adapted for underground mines

Your own ECOSAN toilet factory ?

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