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the ecosan waterless dry sanitation toilet



South Africa, as with many other countries worldwide, continuously experience droughts and water shortages. Water bourne sewage systems demand large quantities of water that can be better used for human consumption. During the late 1990's Eco Sanitation (Pty) Ltd. started on the development of a dry toilet system and the first ECOSAN waterless toilet field tests started in 1997. The official launch of the toilet was in December 2000 and since then a vast number of the water free toilets have been installed.

The ECOSAN Toilet is a waterless, dehydration / evaporation system that provides a safe, non-polluting and cost effective solution to the worldwide sanitation problem. It offers a standard of respectability and convenience, comparable to a waterbourne system, yet without the prohibitive costs and obvious strain on precious water resources.
The system has been tried, tested and evaluated in the field since 1997. The evaluation period involved scientific, health as well as community tests and feedback. Widespread experience with the system in South Africa and neighbouring countries has demonstrated that it is a cost-effective, respectable, hygienic and environmentally friendly system that satisfies the dignity of all users.

The toilet has been certified by the following institutions:

  • South African Bureau of Standards ( SABS )
  • Council for Scientific and Industrial Reasearch ( CSIR )
  • Department of Health - Western Australia
  • Caribbean Environmental Health Institute ( CEHI )

The toilet's main features are:

  • ECOSAN toilets are relatively lightweight and easy to move into position during installation.
  • The unit does not require any type of flushing mechanism, eliminating the risk of mechanical failure.
  • It uses no water, so no plumbing is required.
  • It has no sewer connections.
  • It is ideally suited for both city and rural homes.
  • It has a modern and functional design and is easily transportable.
  • It uses no chemicals.