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Business opportunity

We currently have eight factories in South Africa that apart from manufacturing the waterless toilets also manufacture large water and chemical storage tanks.
We have started two more factories in neighbouring states, Botswana and Mozambique as well as one in Australia, all three mainly manufacturing waterless toilets. We have only entered the International market recently and already we have had requests for the product from countries like India, New Zealand, UK, USA, South America and many others.
The bulkiness of the assembled toilet system however makes it difficult and expensive to export as a complete unit. To overcome this hurdle Ecosan management decided to set up manufacturing facilities facilities overseas, where most of the components can be manufactured and the smaller components shipped from South Africa. The toilets can then be assembled at the closest point of sale.

The management of ECOSAN has opted, instead of going it alone, to get interested companies overseas to manufacture and sell the toilets in their own countries, for their own profit.

Apart from the possibility of becoming sole distributors, interested companies have two manufacturing options.

Option 1

The company sets up a factory where it manufactures most of the components of the toilet. The rotomoulding machine and moulds required for this process are purchased from ECOSAN. One or two of the components will still be manufactured in South Africa and will be supplied to the manufacturer on a royalty basis.

Option 2

This option is basically the same as option 2. The only difference is that the company already has a factory with rotomoulding machinery or has a reliable subcontractor that can manufacture the toilet components. There will not be a need for the purchase of a rotomoulding machine and a smaller factory will be required for assembly purposes only. This option has a lower initial capital outlay.

Interested? please contact us for more details including a estimated cost schedule.