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pit toilets - outdoor toilets

Why pit toilets ?

Although the Ecosan waterless toilet is the ideal solution for environmental sanitation, there are still some developing countries where the cost of sanitation is beyond the financial means of it's citizens. As a temporary measure, in mostly low cost housing developments, some countries are installing pit toilets to at least provide a safer and cheaper way of addressing the sanitation problems. Pit toilets can be installed in a controlled location where water contamination of rivers, streams and underground water resources are less likely.

For many years prior to the development of the dry sanitation toilet, Ecosan has been manufacturing outdoor toilets referred to as an outhouse, loo, outside closet, pit latrine, pedestal toilet and then also some names that cannot be printed here.

Ecosan outdoor toilet models

VIP 450 pit toilet in Ecosan hut picture
VIP 450 Pit toilet picture
VIP 200 Outdoor toilet picture
VIP 200 Toilet on stand picture

VIP 450 toilet installed in Ecosan toilet hut

VIP 450 Toilet

VIP 200 Toilet

VIP 200 Toilet on stand with drum


Biomite treatment plant

Looking for a BIOMITE treatment plant ?

• We can supply various sized plants to meet your requirements, as retrofit to your existing sceptic tanks.
• Cleans effluent to meet or exceed DWAF requirements.